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Fitness is a lifestyle

“…They are very well built people, with handsome bodies and very fine faces… their eyes are large and very pretty… these are tall people and their legs, with no exceptions, are quite straight; and none of them has a paunch. They are, in fact, well proportioned…  More than 120 canoes … Continue reading


Why fat isn’t coming off your body?

It would be nice if everyone is lean, walk around with nice muscle tone, and carry minimal fat around the waist, arms, hip or thighs right??? Well why aren’t you? The real question is, “why aren’t you losing fat to begin with?” Hiring Personal Trainers, following meal plans, and sucking … Continue reading


Are you being lazy?

Are you being lazy?   C’mon, tell the truth?   Look, we all have our moments. We work long days,  have errands to run, we have to clean, cook and attend to our families.  I know it’s hard and the last thing on “your” mind is waking up at the … Continue reading


What does it mean to be fit?

What does it mean to be fit? Hmmm…. Well, to be honest fitness can mean many things to many different people. for example, how much you can lift, how fast you can run, or being able to complete a full marathon are all examples of what “fitness” can mean to … Continue reading


How you can become a fit parent

Being a fit parent isn’t easy. Here we have another wonderful testimonial. My friend and client, is an extremely hard worker. At one point was working 3 jobs while still staying in shape. Why does she do it, for numerous reasons and I think it’s AWESOME! Becoming a fit parent … Continue reading