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What do you eat when you are pregnant?

Can someone please tell me when and how this whole phenomenon of pregnant women being able to eat whatever they want came about???  Or how about the whole theory on, “it’s o.k., you’re eating for two now…”  It is just … Continue reading


What type of exercise can you do when you are pregnant?

  So if you are like me, then you probably really enjoy working out.  I always knew when I got pregnant that I would continue my workout routine.  Not just because I wanted to stay in shape, but because I … Continue reading


Get Lean. Lose the Fat

Get lean and lose the fat! Many times I see trainees ignore the importance of nutrition. I see people placing more time and energy on training rather than what they put in their mouth! Don’t get me wrong, training is … Continue reading


How Diet affects your body’s 11 systems

Your diet affects the health of your body systems in many ways. In fact, the same foods that cause digestive distress, weight gain, and inflammation can all disrupt your body’s 11 systems. Your diet essentially is supposed to provide the … Continue reading


Why are we getting so FAT?

Why do we get so FAT? This is the question we have to ask ourselves… There are many reasons why WE get fat:   # 1 We eat the wrong foods #2 We eat too many sweets #3 We think … Continue reading