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What does it mean to be fit?

What does it mean to be fit? Hmmm…. Well, to be honest fitness can mean many things to many different people. for example, how much you can lift, how fast you can run, or being able to complete a full … Continue reading


How to become a fit parent

Being a fit parent isn’t easy. Here we have another wonderful testimonial. My friend and client, is an extremely hard worker. At one point was working 3 jobs while still staying in shape. Why does she do it, for numerous … Continue reading


How to become a fit parent

Becoming a fit parent is important to me to sustain energy.  I think one of the biggest factors in being a good parent is to have proper energy for your children.  Their little brains are absorbing everything you do from … Continue reading


What do you eat when you are pregnant?

Can someone please tell me when and how this whole phenomenon of pregnant women being able to eat whatever they want came about???  Or how about the whole theory on, “it’s o.k., you’re eating for two now…”  It is just … Continue reading


What type of exercise can you do when you are pregnant?

  So if you are like me, then you probably really enjoy working out.  I always knew when I got pregnant that I would continue my workout routine.  Not just because I wanted to stay in shape, but because I … Continue reading