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The Scoop on EATING Healthy

Understanding the Differences Between Whole, Processed and Refined foods There are many food choices available at the market. Some are good and some are not so nutritious. Food is essential for life and is important to know what you are … Continue reading


Does the Paleo diet really work? Part 1

Finally the topic that everyone wants to hear! Does the Paleo Diet really work? In order for me to answer this monster question you will need a bit of nutritional insight. Diet Why do people diet in the first place? … Continue reading


How to do a perfect push up

The push up, the single most popular exercise that everyone either crushes or struggles with. I’m here to tell you that if you aren’t doing them or struggling with them, don’t stop, push harder! Let’s go over a few tips … Continue reading


Strong is the new skinny

Are you strong? This is the question you have ask yourself. You see being strong requires work, time, sweat, and more work. Let me say this, if you aren’t strong then you’re just missing out! Let’s look over a few … Continue reading


What’s for breakfast?

Hungry? Below you will learn how to create a nutrient dense meal that is free from energy crash and fat gain. It’s easier than you think. Bon apetit There are plenty of options to eat other than cereal, bagels, muffins, … Continue reading